Smite Scaly Leg Spray

Smite Organic Scaly Leg Spray is a natural deterrent against Scaly Leg mite which can be sprayed directly onto the legs of the birds.

Smite Organic Scaly leg Spray covers the epidermis of the bird’s skin in a protective film which cuts off the oxygen supply to the mites. This gives immediate effect and residual activity for up to four weeks. At the same time, active conditioners work to regenerate the damaged skin.

• Repels scaly leg mite

• Deters scaly leg mite from laying eggs

Scaly leg mite anti-feedent

Protects and conditions to promote regeneration of stressed and damaged skin

Provides residual activity for up to 4 weeks

• Prevents contamination

• Fast acting

• In an easy to use 250ml  pump spray

20 L bulk pack on request

Why do I need this product?

Scaly leg mite is the third most common parasite to plague chickens. The mites attack the leg scales of the bird by burrowing underneath them and laying eggs. This causes the leg scales to swell significantly which causes discomfort and irritation to the bird. The general condition of the leg scales will deteriorate to become dry and sore. Scaly leg mite is highly contagious and common with birds kept on bare earth, damp ground or in dry litter runs. Without fast intervention scaly leg can eventually make the bird lame. Smite Organic Scaly Leg Spray offers an effective, easy to use solution.

Symptoms of scaly leg mite

• Raised, swollen leg scales

• White chalky deposits on the legs

• Thickened, crusty looking legs

• The bird will peck at its legs in an attempt to reduce the pain

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